USC Football 06-07 Wrap-up

This was a great season. Though I’m not a huge football fan, and I went to only one of the games, I really enjoyed watching USC football. My roommate was part of the inspiration; he’s a junior and has gone to nearly all of the home games since his freshman year. Here are some great photos from the Rose Bowl game.

Dwayne Jarrett - Rose Bowl 2006.jpg
Dwayne Jarrett vs. Michigan

John David Booty

AOL Sports Blog: Your 2007 Heisman Frontrunner: John David Booty

I just discovered that USC’s future football schedules have already been (at least preliminarily) decided. Take a look; 2007 season included. Quite a good chance I’ll seriously consider buying a Spirit Activities Card this time around.

4 Responses to “USC Football 06-07 Wrap-up”

  1. Sam says:

    Football schedules are decided way in advance. I think the 2008 season’s already being set up.

  2. Sam says:

    Haha, forget what I said, the schedule’s already mostly laid out all the way till 2010.

  3. rhina says:

    hi i love USC you guys rock the feild =]

  4. Bob says:


    You know its not possible to watch live football online ?

    See i signed up the other day and its true.


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