Edited Numb3rs Article on Wikipedia

Yay, I actually made a good edit to a Wikpedia article that didn’t immediately get reverted. [Update] It’s still there, so all is well. Wikipedia rocks! The statement I edited now reads:

Scenes which take place at CalSci, where Eppes and Fleinhardt are on the faculty, are filmed at Caltech and USC. One of the most frequent campus locations at Caltech is the vicinity of Millikan Library, including the bridge over Millikan Pond, the Trustees room, and the arcades of nearby buildings. At USC, locations include Doheny Library and the Town and Gown dining room.

I received confirmation by email from the USC campus filming office that Numb3rs was indeed filmed at USC. [March 11, 2007] I just finished watching Season One of Numb3rs, and it was awesome. I want to get Season Two… I’ll add it to my wishlist. Also, I just found out that this post is the top result in Google for the search “Numb3rs at USC.” Google is awesome.

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  1. Patrick says:

    Dude, Numb3rs rocks! and congrats on the Wiki that didn’t get immediately reverted. :)

  2. andrew says:

    Thanks for confirming. I also recognized the USC locations but it wasn’t 100% sure.

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