Good EVK Omelettes

Earlier this week, I had an omelette at EVK which was so good that I said to myself, “I’ve got to blog this.” For those who don’t know, EVK is one of two residential dining halls on the USC campus. In marketing materials, it’s known as “EVerybody’s Kitchen,” but according to the metal sign on the wall, it’s Elizabeth von KleinSmid. Anyway, dining services at the University of Southern California have markedly improved since I first arrived here, and it’s only getting better. Of course, they really stunk before, so I guess it’s not too hard to improve.

Back to the omelette. During breakfast time at EVK, they often have a guy out doing omelettes, with the options for filling being cheese, bacon, green peppers, and mushrooms. These selections vary, sometimes including green onions or tomatoes. I requested everything in mine except green peppers, plus asked for extra mushrooms.

They also had a lady using a juice squeezer for fresh orange juice. The OJ from the drink machines at EVK is rather terrible. Thus, I was glad to find that the fresh-squeezed OJ was far better.

I also had a waffle that morning, with toppings of peaches, strawberries (but the sugary canned topping kind), and whipped cream.

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  1. TJ says:

    0 responses? What, are all your blog readers too intellectual to appreciate the value of a good omelette? Shame on you guys. Life isn’t all about Firefox and Slashdot. Sometimes, life is about omelettes.


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