Lake Arrowhead Village

I’m blogging from a bench in Lake Arrowhead Village. Thank goodness for open wireless networks (linksys, in this case). It’s a 802.11g connection, too, and pretty speedy. It’s because of things like this that I wish I could install and run a few open access points, for public use. Because nobody should be without a connection to the Internet.

We’ve been here to Lake Arrowhead several times, and been to most of these shops, too. So it’s not really anything new. This is a much-needed vacation after an extremely hectic week, though. This is my first time having computing power in this kind of environment. I’ve never had such a powerful laptop nor such an awesome laptop backpack.

Hmm… I just realized I have my camera with me. Thanks to my ThinkPad’s integrated SD memory card reader, I can grab those pictures right now.

My sister balancing on some rocks around Lake Gregory.

My new friend.

If I find a connection again, I may blog again… but I don’t think that’ll happen. There’s only an encrypted network from our cabin, so I’ll probably be cut off from the world until I return to USC. See you then!

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