Odds and ends: Palm trees, HP touch panels

Some stuff I need to do…

  • Finish reading Zuckerman’s Paper Guide
  • Finish reading Judges and Samson Agonistes
  • Put RealVNC on my flash drive
  • I still need to blog about Men’s Retreat last weekend, and the Google Open House last week. I wonder if I’ll get my dream job at Google. I hope I expressed enough of my maturity, passion, enthusiasm, and ability to learn quickly
  • I heard on Leo Laporte’s podcast that HP has some cool new touchscreen desktops. I want to find more info about them and see if I can get one next year
  • One of my visitors on Google Community poses these questions: “Can I get my email signature to have color automatically, rather than doing it manually?” and “Is it possible to get any color at all when using Safari with Gmail?”
  • I’m still looking for a way to find out which of my Gmail contacts have Picasa Web Albums. There seems to be no way to tell, outside of manually typing in URLs. Maybe this is one of the things I can work on, if I get to go to Google

This Monday, I realized that the brown part of palm trees are dead leaves. Apparently, they don’t fall off! I always wondered how palm trees could get so tall and still have strangely distinct sections like that.

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