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I’ve found that email is a very convenient way to receive blog updates. While more sophisticated readers might choose to use a feedreader, everyone uses email. That means anyone who wants to hear from me, can hear from me.

For a few months, I had a popover form asking if you’d like to subscribe by email. But after you subscribed, you wouldn’t get anything because I was controlling the mailings: I was afraid of posting something I wouldn’t want emailed, so I was manually approving postings. Well, I’ve now decided that doesn’t make sense. If you’re going to bother subscribing by email, you don’t want to miss a thing. And if you don’t want to see the random babbling I post on here, you can either sort it out in your mail client, or unsubscribe and use a feedreader instead.

The bottom line is: if you’re an email subscriber, expect to receive more emails from now on. If you just visit my site randomly to see if anything has changed, sign up for my email list. If you’re on the email list but don’t like it, try using a news reader (or feedreader). In other words, I hope this makes everyone happy. Let me know what you think!

3 Responses to “Subscribe to my blog by email”

  1. barend harmse says:

    i would like to subscribe

  2. David Sutoyo says:

    The email subscription is a nice touch, but the popover makes it look like an ad. I’ve seen it many times before, but never bothered to read it, simply because it was a popover.

  3. Lomoco says:

    What is the system admin e-mail? Spam filter issues

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