USC’s Lyon Center Survey

Here at the University of Southern California, we have a workout gym called the Lyon Center. Recently, they’ve been asking students to complete a “Lyon Center Survey” to see what we think about it, and, hopefully, improve it. Here are two questions from the survey which I thought interesting:

9. What facilities do you use at the Lyon Center? Check all that apply.

  • Weight Room
  • Cardio Room
  • Aerobic Classes
  • Bicycle Room
  • Pool
  • Basketball Courts

18. Do you have a subscription to any private gyms? Check all that apply.

  • None
  • Gold’s

For question 9: I don’t know anything about the Lyon Center’s aerobic classes, bicycle room, pool, or basketball courts. Now that I’ve seen this survey question, maybe I’ll go out and find out. But not until after this week, since things are so hectic right now.

Question 18: Why would I subscribe to a private gym? Not only do I not have money to spend, but I already spend so much for USC that they should keep their on-campus Lyon Center gym at least as good as any other. Maybe that’s just wishful thinking on my part. I’ve never heard of “Gold’s”, but presumably that’s a gym in the area. If I get really bored, I’ll look into it just to satisfy my curiosity.

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  1. Sam says:

    You’ve never heard of Gold’s Gym?

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