The Blog is the New Resume

Everyone should have a blog. The Blog is the New Resume. If you want to get your blog started, contact me. My guide to starting your own blog. I measure a year in 429 blog posts.

5 Responses to “The Blog is the New Resume”

  1. may may says:

    I’s like to start a blog.

  2. Tom says:

    I agree a blog is a great thing to have. However, I don’t particularly like high volume blogs unless every post has something interesting to say. I would rather read a blog that has one great post a week than 7 mediocre posts per week.

    That said, I read your blog so you must be doing something right!

  3. Tom says:

    Oh and I can’t really talk since my blog hasn’t really gotten off the ground yet… this summer for sure.

  4. […] more people blogging. I’m really convinced about the benefits [] of blogging, as I’ve said before. But how do you get started, especially with no technical background? There are two great choices […]

  5. jewelry blog says:

    The problem I see for people starting blogs is that it’s getting so competitive. Is the number of readers going up with the number of new blogs? Also, G tends to index larger sites and ignore the smaller, newer ones.

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