John McCain Interviews with Google CEO Eric Schmidt

I was reading my Gmail when I spotted a post on the Official Google Blog called “Presidential campaign trail winds through the Googleplex“. Just four days ago, Google CEO Eric Schmidt interviewed Senator John McCain, who is running for the 2008 presidential election. It’s a truly amazing interview, and was very eye-opening for me. Previously, I knew almost nothing about Senator McCain. But I really enjoyed watching the interview, and I was repeatedly impressed by his answers. He seems to align closely with my beliefs, and I’m fascinated by how well and how honestly he answered all of the questions thrown his way. Watch the interview yourself:

And let me know what you think!

He’s among the oldest to ever run for President, but he fully embraces technology and he even did an interview with YouTube. That’s really remarkable, and has eliminated from my mind any concerns about his age. I think that’s saying a lot, because I also agree with Mark Zuckerberg’s idea that young people can do really great things.

If I were voting for president today, I think I would vote for McCain. Would you?

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  2. Nat says:

    Hey Elliot, I hope SummerCon went well at Marathana. (Pray, pray, pray!)

    I know you haven’t secured housing yet for your Google work, so if I can help in any way, let me know, even if it’s just bringing you housing listings/ summer subletting info from the Daily Bruin or something. I have friends at school who live in Westwood obviously, but many UCLA students live in Santa Monica also, so yeah…

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  4. james mullins says:

    christianity is fr idiots tht are scared of a greater being and want to believe that when u die you go on to another place but me i believe tht place is a casket to rot in for eternity

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