Prayer Seminar at Camp Maranatha

Last week, I went to IVTCF’s Summer Conference at Maranatha in Idyllwild, CA. As part of that experience, I went on their new Guided Prayer Walk an decided to document their experience. Take a look at the horizontally-scrolling site and let me know what you think.

Once you’re there at my brief photo tour of the walk, try clicking an image. That was actually harder to do than I thought. I tried a number of Javascript packages before I found one that would work.

First, I tried Lightbox, but the image size was based on the width of the page, not the height– so I ended up with huge images. Furthermore, only the leftmost part of the page would get darkened, and the picture would not be centered, but more-or-less left-aligned.

I then tried Lytebox, which is supposed to be a more sophisticated solution. No go– the same problems, although the image didn’t have a horizontal scrollbar of its own this time, so it was a little better.

I was about to give up when I saw ThickBox 3. In the Change Log, it says:

ThickBox will now work with sites that scroll horizontally. So, a ThickBox, not matter if you scroll a website horizontally or vertically will always show up centered in the window.

Excellent! Just what I was looking for. And indeed, it worked. Thanks, ThickBox!

P.S. I’m also reminded of another useful tool I used for this little project: the image resizer PowerToy. It worked exactly as I wanted.

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