iPhone with YouTube will be successful

Mark my words. Now that it’s been confirmed that YouTube will be on the iPhone, I’m certain of it. And the video quality looks even better than it does on the web! The iPhone is certainly the only phone I want. I can’t imagine wanting any other.


On the other hand, Mike Elgan wrote about six months ago about How Steve Jobs blew his iPhone keynote. Here are the notes I wrote in response, six months ago:

  • Jobs was forced to reveal the iPhone six months before release due to the requirement for FCC approval.
    • He stated this in his keynote.
  • People buy “smartphones” throughout the year, not just during the Christmas season.
  • The iPhone apparently took 2.5 years to develop– not something that can be duplicated in merely six months.
  • In the time that competitors are working on a response, Apple can also improve the iPhone.
  • Apple TV is not nearly as innovative. There are other solutions that are just about as elegant, including Media Center PCs and the XBox.
  • Many people who want an iPhone don’t have an iPod. People who want an iPod don’t want to pay the $300 premium (plus service fees) for an iPhone. They’re in different markets, targeting different customers.
  • Even if iPod sales are reduced, they still get the iPhone sales. I suspect their margin on the iPhone is even larger, considering its lack of physical keys and much smaller memory.
  • It wasn’t a needless risk: if Jobs didn’t announce it, the FCC would have.
  • People have known about the iPhone for months before now, if not only from the patents which Apple filed, which are all publicly available.
  • Apple definitely has more for the iPhone which hasn’t been revealed yet. As this article mentions …
  • LG KE850

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  1. Larissa says:

    I agree. I don’t consider myself a tech-y gadget person in any way, but those iphone commercials make me drool.

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