Can you see the future?

“I think there are very few people who have the capacity to see the future. So it can be difficult when you are talking about something where nothing about it exists yet.” James Currier, Founder, Tickle.

I’m ready the future. Here’s what I can see happening:

  • Facebook takes over the world. Not literally, but it will grow even more than it has already.
  • Everyone will have a Facebook account. More events will be organized using Facebook.
  • Blogging gives way to community sharing. Instead of one person talking in each blog, we’ll have more community sites.
  • These community sites will grow out of today’s forums. Forums will become more customizable, like blogs are.
  • Like blogs, more people will start their own forums. People will find niches for themselves.
  • Since they won’t be alone, forums will become better and more authoritative collective sources of information.
  • Rich media will be used on forums. Audio (like podcasts) and video (with webcams) will be used along with text.

Think I’m right or wrong? Too crazy or not imaginative enough?

What’s your prediction?

3 Responses to “Can you see the future?”

  1. Henry says:

    Why is Facebook going to take over the world?

  2. The Web Guy says:

    Because it’s so useful. It’s now a replacement for email.

  3. jewelry blog says:

    I think a lot of us that were around before the dotcom bomb of 2000 have some heavy skepticism about web 2.0 social networks. There was a social web in 1999 and people didn’t care at all about it accept for chat. It’s also very hard to monetize…that side of things hasn’t been proven.

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