1ShoppingCart – Unanimous Recommendation

I’m here at Armand Morin’s BigSeminar X, the best Internet marketing seminar. While preparing a great new product that allows me to communicate a lot of my core expertise, I had to find a service to process payments and keep track of clients. Naturally, I listened to what each speaker said. Jermaine Griggs uses 1ShoppingCart.com.

So I asked Armand face-to-face. Is 1 Shopping Cart the way to go? He said yes, and others agree. Things look really good for 1ShoppingCart – they have a lot of happy marketers using their product.

Armand briefly mentioned that he had his own private label of 1ShoppingCart, which I remember as something like Quick Pay dot com. I tried that, but it didn’t bring up anything remotely related. So I must have forgotten it or misheard it.

I did some searching on Google with all kinds of related terms, mostly including Armand Morin’s name– since I don’t know anything else about the private label– and I couldn’t find it. Oh well, I’ll go grab 1 Shopping Cart directly.

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