Hostorix: Never Fail Web Hosting?

I’m here at BigSeminar X in Atlanta with Armand Morin, and he just launched his web hosting company, Hostorix. It looks pretty compelling: the promise of no downtime, CPanel with all the features– including Fantastico, and unlimited domains and databases, for the rather reasonable price of $27 per month.

It’s not right for me because I need a lot more space and bandwidth than that. My forum, Google Community, now uses nearly 2 GB of space, and certainly a lot more bandwidth than the 50 GB/month he’s offering. I asked if he would offer larger plans, and he said they would not because they’re keeping things simple.

For the Internet marketer, this might be the perfect hosting plan. 500 MB is certainly enough space to fit your salesletter and a few digital products. Your videos will be hosted on YouTube. You can probably fit most of your audio with this hosting plan, too. At 1 MB per minute MP3, you can fit about 8 hours of good quality audio.

The downside is that if you’re building a community website, the space and bandwidth might not meet your needs. And Hostorix currently has absolutely no plans to support you as you grow.

Through I wouldn’t be surprised to see Armand offer that as an upsell in the future. Right now, though, it’s just not available from them.

However, Armand does recommend LiquidWeb. They do dedicated servers and so forth, and I wonder if they have any association in the Hostorix deal. (I haven’t yet done any research on the datacenter they’re using. I hope they have redundant bandwidth and power, because those things have failed on me more often than the hardware.) Personally, I’ve been using, but it seems they’ve been trying to raise my hosting costs lately, so I might look into alternatives.

So it seems that this deal isn’t for me, but the price is definitely right for what you get. As long as you’re not a big-time forum owner like me, Hostorix is a great way to get started. If you try it, please let me know what you think!

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