When did piano teachers start making $3 million?

Lately, there’s been some talk about this guy named Jermaine Griggs who’s made over $3 million dollars in the past few years teaching people how to play piano by ear… out of all things!

I actually had the opportunity to meet to meet Jermaine in person at BigSeminar X earlier this month in Atlanta, GA. He’s really who he says he is. He shows this video of his actual sales from 2002–2007. You actually see him go from making $2,000 to months of $112,000+… but I still can’t wrap my mind around the fact that he makes this much as a piano teacher (and 80% of his products are focused around gospel music at that).

As Google knows, the Internet is a huge place, with lots of customers to go around!

See this video of his sales numbers…

… I’m a little envious, to say the least.

But this video is more than just 4 minutes of bragging. I got several things from it:

1) That everyone starts somewhere. Prior to this video (2000-2002), as you’ll soon see, he talks about struggling to make $300. $500 was a good month.

2) That it is possible to double and triple sales from one month to the next. In 2003, the video clearly shows him going from making around $15,000 to $40,000 the next month. This isn’t the only time this happens.

3) That it’s possible to grow sales drastically year after year. His movie points out times when he “never made less than $10,000/month again” and when he “never made less than $20,000/month again” and so on… all the way up to $50,000+. Yes, we all have ups and downs– but wouldn’t you like to proclaim that you’ll never make LESS THAN A CERTAIN amount again?

4) That it doesn’t matter how old you are or where you’ve come from. He was 17-years old when he started and came from very humble beginnings (more on this later).

Watch that video again…

Today, at 9 AM PST, he’s launching a new website that can teach us everything about exactly how he did this. I really believe that it will be the talk of the season, so don’t miss out.

Find out more about Jermaine’s new site here.

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