WordPress: Show More Posts on Archive Pages

My mom wrote a series of posts called the 30 Days to Better Parenting Challenge. For organizational purposes, she put all the posts into one of WordPress’s Categories. But since there’s one post for each day, there are 30 posts. By default, WordPress shows only 10 posts per page, and we didn’t want that because it would be hard to see all of the Parenting challenges from one page.

You can change this setting, but it would then apply everywhere. Date archives, search results, and the front page (home page) should be left alone – 10 posts was more than enough for them. We wanted to have 30 posts per page for this Category archive, but only 10 posts per page everywhere else. Can’t do it with vanilla WordPress.

Enter the Different Posts Per Page plugin. This WordPress plugin allows you to show a different number of posts in home, category, or archive pages. Perfect! Best of all, this plugin is completely free.

Click here for more info on the Different Posts Per Page plugin.

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