212 – The Extra Degree – Movie Review

I’m not sure if there’s an actual full-length movie to go with this, but the simple Flash-animated story is incredibly inspiring. The background soundtrack is quite catchy, too. Take a look:


Here’s another version that’s just as good, if not better:


What do you think?

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  3. Lani Bulaon says:

    When this was shared with us by our boss, it gave me a very power tool to inspire our sales team. It summarizes everything we have been wanting to teach them to bring out the best in them.

  4. dawnhost says:

    landed here searching for movie reviews on google and could not leave without commenting about extra degree. a very nice animated movie i am sure others would have loved it too.

  5. John Gibson says:

    What is the background music on the original DVE

  6. Colin says:

    If you enjoyed 212, you’ll love the author’s follow
    up message called Smile & Move. When you have
    3 minutes, enjoy this:


    (Be Happy. Do Something.)

    Smile & move…

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