Financial Hack and Black Friday

black-friday-shoppers.jpg Here’s a neat blog I found today called Financial Hack. I read his very interesting post called Screw Black Friday, in which I learned that Black Friday is actually not the biggest shopping day of the year. I tend to agree with that post. I wanted to go shopping on Black Friday just for the fun and experience, but after reading that, I’m now not so sure. I didn’t actually want to buy anything, of course. I just wanted the fun of fighting crowds with friends. That depends on having friends to go with, but I suspect I’d be able to locate a few.

After reading that post, I had actually navigated away. Unfortunately, Firefox lost my browsing history after I quit it, so it was quite difficult for me to re-locate the blog. That’s partly why I made certain to link to it in this post. The only way I remembered it was by a phrase I remember reading on the blog: “six figure Internet income”. I Googled that, and, fortunately, found the blog I had in mind. That’s why Google rocks: it finds specific phrases across millions of web pages, so fantastically fast. As long as the Google can keep doing that, I’ll be one happy user. They are incredibly good at search. It boggles the mind.

Financial Hack has some other interesting reads, too, so check it out if you’re interested in Internet money. is promoting “Buy Nothing Day”, where they’re trying to get people to buy nothing on Black Friday. I’d be curious to know if it has any effect.

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  1. Thanks for the mention…always greatly appreciated. I really do think that Black Friday deals are over-rated these days, but if you’re going for the experience, then that can be fun. Better yet, if you do decide to buy something, make sure to record it all in your blog (and specifically for the blog) and it becomes deductible against your blog’s earnings :)

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