New Business Blog

I’ve just started a new blog which is all about my attempts to make money online. If this sounds interesting to you, take a look at, and sign up for the email updates (enter your name and email on the right side, where it says “Get new posts by email“). Please stop by and leave a comment!

To give you an idea of what it’s about, here are my recent posts on there:

Jason Stanley Marshall on the Next Internet Millionaire – I tell the story of how I met Jason at Armand Morin’s BigSeminar X in Atlanta, Georgia.

Testimonials for Nitty Gritty Marketing – Some early testimonials about Jermaine Griggs’ new “private access club.”

Ask Database – I am now using this service to see if I can get any insight into the market at Invision Plus.

Have Internet Millionaires Build Your Business – A review of Jaime Luchuck’s new coaching program. Jaime is one of the final 2 in the “Next Internet Millionaire” reality show.

And my latest post, a video from YouTube about taking what you know and teaching others. Let me know what you think.

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