Thor Schrock from the Next Internet Millionaire

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There’s a product being launched tomorrow called the Secret Classroom, which will contain DVD videos of all the presentations given at the Next Internet Millionaire. In case you haven’t heard of it yet, the Next Internet Millionaire is the world’s first Internet reality show. That means it’s a reality show created from the ground-up to be broadcast exclusively online. It’s created by Joel Comm and Eric Holmlund, two expert Internet marketers who have made millions of dollars online. Now, you can find plenty of hype about it elsewhere, but my blog is going to be 100% hype-free. Just the facts. And if you have any questions about the product, I invite you to post a comment right here on my blog. I read all of the comments posted on my blog, and if you ask a question, I’ll respond, too.

Today I interviewed Thor Schrock, one of the contestants of the Next Internet Millionaire. In fact, he was one of the last 3 finalists, making him the last to be eliminated from the competition. He learned a lot about Internet Marketing from the content presented on the show, and he highly recommends the Secret Classroom for anyone who wants a good educational foundation for how to do Internet Marketing effectively. Read more about the Secret Classroom.

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  1. Elliot says:

    Exactly what is it? It’s a 22-hour, 12-DVD set with workbook.

    Here’s the roster of teachers…

    1) Mark Joyner
    The Godfather of Internet marketing.

    2)Armand Morin
    He made over $25,000,000 in his online business.

    3)Jeff Walker
    He’s responsible for more successful product launches
    than anyone else.

    4) Marlon Sanders
    He’s a living legend of online marketing.

    5) Mike Koenings
    The online video expert.

    6) Brad Fallon
    Creator of StomperNet.

    7)Kristopher Jones
    The CEO of Pepperjam Search.

    8)Mike Filsaime
    The world’s viral marketing expert.

    9) Ray Edwards
    People pay him $10,000 to write a sales letter.

    10) Dave Taylor
    A prolific blogger, author and speaker.

    11) Perry Marshall
    The world’s leading AdWords expert.

    12) Rich Schefren
    The guru to the gurus.

    Only twelve people were privileged to attend this exclusive seminar (it was the Next Internet Millionaire).

    But now you can get in. Read more about the Secret Classroom.

  2. Thor Schrock says:

    Thanks for the interview, Elliot. It was great to speak with you. Best of luck in your Internet Marketing journeys!

  3. Joel Comm and Eric Holmlund are the two expert Internet marketers who have made millions of dollars online giving you tips which will be beneficial for everyone to become a millionaire. Now every one can take a chance of making money through Internet.

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  5. M. says:

    Thor Schmuck the fat chunk of pork from Nebraska that likes to libel others? No thank you.

  6. M. says:

    Thor Schmuck, the online idiot who claims to be a computer expert and is nothing more than a con-man (and yet he doesn’t even have a degree in computer sciences)? Again – No thank you. I don’t take advice from online scammers and neo-con/neo-cheaters like Thor Schmuck.

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