iPhone “GPS” Location – Software Update

On my birthday, Apple released a new software update for iPhone. Thankfully, it’s free. Apple really does treat their iPhone users well :)

I’m downloading the update now. It’s a whopping 162.1 MB! That’s a lot of stuff. I wonder if it has to store location data locally. I don’t see why it would, but on the other hand, the iPod Touch update also has the new location technology by triangulating from wi-fi access points. Presumably, this works even if you’re not connected to the internet through one? If so, that’d be quite amazing.

If you haven’t heard yet, the new iPhone update has a much-desired feature: automatic location in Maps. It can triangulate your position via cell towers and wi-fi stations.

I’ve read before that this can be done by all phones, which is what allows 911 to find you even if you can’t say where you are. It’s not as accurate as GPS, but where the cell signal is strong (or in the case of the iPhone, wi-fi signals are strong), it should work pretty well. I’ll see how it does here around USC.

I don’t know if 911 can use the iPhone’s location ability. I’d be amazed if they could.

This new update makes the Maps app a lot more usable. With the old version, trying to map a route was insane. I’d type some shorthand for where I was, and Google Maps would place me out in the middle of nowhere, 1200+ miles away. “Current location” is really going to be useful. It’s not GPS, but it’s stunning and useful nonetheless.

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  1. rose says:

    would you be able to locate a lost iphones location using this?

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