The Mainstream Media is Biased

Read about the legislation sponsored by Ron Paul (Wikipedia).

And: What does freedom really mean?

Finally: Who would the world elect?

Giuliani got 95,876 votes already, likely from absentee ballots. I can practically guarantee that this is because the mainstream media picked him as the winner at the beginning. Only when everyone started to realize how much he actually sucked, did his support numbers finally start to dwindle. Of course, the people voting for him are far more passionate than he is. He dropped out of the race long ago.

Polls are rigged and idiotic, yet they seem to be accurate because they’re self-fulfilling. Many people I’ve talked with only select from the top 2 candidates. If they prefer #2 over #1, they select #2 even if they really believed in the positions and leadership ability of #4. I don’t necessarily blame them, the problem being that other people do this, too. Thus candidates that the MSM (mainstream media) did not select have no chance, despite the fact that a candidate which did not get media coverage may be a far better leader for our country.

Stock market crash? Housing bubble forming and exploding? It’s your fault for not voting properly. You have to understand basic economics, the importance of sound currency, the ridiculousness of wasting money in government departments that fail at their jobs. Ron Paul is the only one seriously talking about the issues, and nobody even refutes this. Yet the MSM has stacked the odds against him by trumpeting their false poll results.

I overheard a conversation between a student and professor, where the prof basically said that the project the student is working on is hard, impractical, pointless, and doomed. It was a government research project. No surprise there. Even the student admitted that that maybe 1 in 20 government-funded research projects produce anything of value. The rest? Complete failures. And that number might even be optimistic, I don’t know.

That’s why you need private ownership and a free market. In that, no other candidate even comes close.

3 Responses to “The Mainstream Media is Biased”

  1. Katy says:

    Candidates use their campaign money to buy air time, TV time, and promote themselves where voters can see them, even if MSM does not.
    As with almost anything, it’s marketing.
    Ron Paul had to market himself. He did not run a strong campaign.
    It’s too bad.

  2. jim says:

    Politics is always connected with money, especially during elections. One who pays more always wins. It’s life!

    • Michael says:

      Most of the time its true. But this time around, Romney spent a lot of money and didn’t get the votes he wanted. Hucklebee spend little money and got more votes.

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