Swollen Gums Treatment

I’m in search of a treatment for my swollen gums. Starting Tuesday evening, part of my gums have started swelling. Specifically, it’s the area behind the last tooth on the bottom left of my mouth, where a wisdom tooth used to be. The wisdom tooth was removed years ago, so that couldn’t be causing a problem now. Possibly it’s caused by some bacteria or irritation by food particles stuck there, since I haven’t flossed in weeks. Reason being that flossing with braces is virtually impossible. That’s my experience, anyway. If you’re able to floss with braces, please share how you do it. :)

I went to the University Health Center and checked with a nurse, who said I should gargle with warm salt water and see if it doesn’t go away in 3 days. It’s very bothersome because it makes it painful to talk or eat, and it’s a pretty bad distraction even when I’m not. It’s during times like these that I appreciate good health. So to all of you fellow non-flossers, go floss now!

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