Los Angeles Jury Summons Green Affidavit

Here’s the address they told me to send it to. it’s different from the one printed on the summons itself.

Los Angeles Superior Court
P.O. Box 53378
Los Angeles, CA 90053

Hope this helps someone.

9 Responses to “Los Angeles Jury Summons Green Affidavit”

  1. andrew says:

    thanks for this, i lost my envelope and they also wanted to have me send it here. i googled it just to see if it was correct and i found your web site.

  2. Kevin says:

    Haha, thanks! I forgot my envelope too so this helped me a lot. Gotta love the random things people post.

  3. Tom says:

    Like the others, lost my envelope. How cool of you to post the address. Thanks a million!

  4. oyster! says:

    lol.. funny all of you.. im the same. i lost my envelope and i had to look it up because it was different from the form that i have… thanks

  5. chava says:

    I lost mine, called em for the address and just to make sure I remembered it correctly, googled it. Found my confirmation here :)

  6. rick says:

    I forgot mine as well. I called for the add and i wanted to verify the add online. Thanks

  7. GP says:

    I misplace mine as well … I just hung up the phone tryingto find out about the address. And I wanted to make sure I got the PO Box right. Bingo, here is the confirmation I’ve found on your website at :


  8. heather says:

    thanks!! the court’s website is useless! praise google.


  9. Kevin says:

    Yes thanks alot this was very helpful the automated person on the phone couldn’t have said it any faster. The website sucked also with no information thanks alot for your help

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