ooVoo not supported on this architecture

I tried to install ooVoo on my iMac, but it would only create a folder called ooVoo.app with a red minus sign at the bottom right.

You can’t open the application “ooVoo.app” because it is not supported on this architecture.

The solution is to install ooVoo to your Desktop, and then drag the ooVoo icon to your Applications folder.

The ooVoo installer itself seems to be what’s broken. This is true as of version


3 Responses to “ooVoo not supported on this architecture”

  1. Scott Monty says:

    Hi Elliot,

    I’m with the marketing firm crayon and ooVoo is our client. Thank you for sharing this workaround on your blog – I’ve been doing this on a case-by-case basis over the blogosphere, Facebook and Twitter for the past few months.

    The development team at ooVoo is aware of the installation bug and is working on a fix.

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  3. Seajay says:

    Thank you for this workaround. It allowed me to install ooVoo. Now, I am seeing “Server is too budy” in the bottom pane of the controller window. Just not my day!

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