Heroes Questions

I just finished watching the TV series Heroes, since we have a trial Netflix subscription. It wasn’t as good as I expected, and it left me with a lot of unanswered questions. Maybe you can help:

  • How was Nathan Petrelli able to fly away with the Haitian there?
  • Why did Suresh and Peter allow Syler to survive?
  • When he has the opportunity: Why doesn’t Hiro kill Sylar? Why does he only save Ando instead?
  • Peter Petrelli didn’t die.
  • Why does Hiro think he needs to save Kensei? If he’s only looking at the past, he doesn’t need to interfere. Maybe those people wouldn’t have been shooting arrows if he wasn’t there?
  • How could Sylar survive being stabbed with Hiro’s sword?
  • Didn’t Claire tell West that HRG is her dad earlier? Around episode 2-3, Season 2.
  • Too much bringing Claire back over and over.
  • People never really die in Heroes, they’re only dead until they get the magical blood.
  • Why didn’t the explosion in 1600s Japan blow up Adam Monroe (Takedo Kensei)’s head?
  • Why didn’t Peter Petrelli’s explosion take off his head?
  • Why does Micah need to sneak out when she is the one doing the thievery? To help her.
  • Why wouldn’t the other founders want strain 138 destroyed?
  • Why does the company want Claire to think her father is dead?
  • Too many rehashings of the issue of trust.
  • Why does Peter trust Adam? Sometimes it seems like he doesn’t. Then suddenly he does again.
  • Why doesn’t Suresh kill Sylar?
  • Doesn’t Parkman know Hiro? Powerless, Season 2
  • How did Nathan lose his position as Congressman?
  • Why would Suresh save one person to allow Sylar to live? He knows Sylar has killed many more innocent people (a lot more than 1).
  • Does turning the vial to ashes really destroy the virus?
  • Sylar again… nobody ever dies in Heroes, too much regeneration.
  • The only things they save the world from– would not have been problems had they not existed.

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