Physics 152, EE 454, CS 477, CS 480

These are the classes I’m taking this semester. I thought I’d do a brief overview of them while they’re in mind.

Phys 152: second semester physics, covering electricity and magnetism. It’s been a long time since I took first semester physics and calculus, so this might be one of my harder classes. We had our first exam, and it went well.

Next thing due: Homework next Thursday.

Next exam: Quiz next Thursday. Midterm 2 on Thursday, April 2, 5-6:30 PM.

EE 454: Microprocessor design. Lots of thinking, design, homework. Very interesting, but I can’t get into it because I’m a software guy. I have to think about iPhone apps all day. So while I try to get out of it as much as I can, I can’t help but wonder if this is really what I should be spending so much time on.

Next thing due: HW#5 due 2/23/09 Mon. 4:30PM

I know he passed this out in class… but I can’t find my copy. I might need to download/print another from Blackboard :(

Next exam: Midterm 3/31/2009 Tuesday 09:00-10:50

CS 477: senior design project. I’m doing a Web 2.0 Neighborhood Watch / Community Empowerment site. Mostly design stuff. No real HW or exams.

Next thing due: Presentations on week 8 (week after next)

CS 480: computer graphics. Taught by DreamWorks guy. Class website.

Next thing due: HW2, assigned 2/23/09, due March 13 ’09, by midnight (late Fri. night)

Next exam: Midterm: 3/9/09 (Mon)

So that’s how things stand. I’m trying to bring myself to spend less time on classes. But I’m just not the kind of person who can shoot for anything less than an A ;(

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  1. katy says:

    No experiences in life is wasted, even in a class you don’t think you need. You will be a better person for it, and it gives you choices to choose to draw on those experiences later on.

    Interesting that the comment by Anonymous also spammed my site.

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