Thank God

I have a lot to be thankful for. Professor Gandhi Puvvada extended our homework deadline from yesterday at 4:30 PM, to today at 9:30 AM (start of class). This was much-needed time for my friend and I, as we tend to do homework at the last minute. This morning, he stated: “Thank God,” expressing how glad we were that we had much-needed extra time to complete the homework. He’s not a Christian, so I think it was just an off-hand comment, not really referring to the one true God. It has a bit of a different meaning for me. I am, in fact, genuinely thankful for the ways God blesses me on a daily basis.

God reminded me of His power yet again when it came time for Physics class at noon. I was (and still am) woefully unprepared for the latest material taught in the class, and on Thursdays we’re scheduled to have a weekly quiz. I scrambled to the classroom 3 minutes late, having inadequately skimmed the chapter summary from the book during lunch. To my great surprise, the classroom was empty. I called my friend Cauchy, who informed me that class was canceled, and that in place of the quiz, we had a take-home practice midterm. Thank God!

2 Responses to “Thank God”

  1. katy says:

    He is a merciful God :)

  2. Junaid says:


    It is indeed true that we’re being watched and protected. Quite a moving account you’ve written! One needs such realizations and experiences to come out of their bubble and be genuinely grateful.


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