Is God Green? and Unintended Consequences

Tonight I went to a screening of a movie called Is God Green? It was an event sponsored by InterVarsity Trojan Christian Fellowship (TCF). Nearly everyone there was in support of environmentalism, especially from the Christian perspective of being a good steward of the beautiful Earth God created.

I think there’s also a balance, though. For me, I’m interested in protecting the environment because of the way a toxic environment harms people. I don’t care so much about the environment just for its own sake. But when it starts impacting people in negative ways, I need to care for and love those people by doing what I can to improve their lives by improving the environment. Polluted water and air can be major problems, and to that extent it’s important to clean up the environment.

I’m also worried about unintended consequences, like in this case of Nancy Pelosi’s child-safety law. Apparently the law is intended to keep toxins away from children’s toys, but it’s too ambiguous and is also applying to books. Nobody knows what they are allowed to sell, so they can’t sell anything at all. And businesses can face lawsuits if they can’t prove their products are safe.

Here’s a great video that’s not really related to the environment, but it is related to politics:

Be sure to watch the end. Hillary Clinton says: “You had the most enthusiastic supporters of anybody I ever saw. My goodness, everywhere I went, they were literally running down highways holding your signs. I never had a chance to tell you that, but your message obviously resonated with a lot of people.”

via the Campaign for Liberty

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