Happy birthday, Samuel Morse – from Google

Here’s an actual email that I just received:

I can use Google perfectly well on my laptop.  Except for one thing.  The logo for Google, in red nblue and yellow, at the head of the page, comes out just as dots and dashes.    It doesn’t make any difference whether I log in to www.google.com or to www.google.uk.

This is worrying me, but everything else seems okay.   Any suggestions what I should do?

Here’s what Google looks like right now (I went there myself and took this screenshot):

Google Morse Code

It’s Samuel Morse’s birthday. He invented Morse Code.

2 Responses to “Happy birthday, Samuel Morse – from Google”

  1. TIm Stone says:

    When I saw that Google logo, I thought that was the COOLEST logo they’ve ever done. I never imagined that it would confuse someone!!!

  2. thuy says:

    same on mine!

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