Sneaky Charges on Your Bills

You’ve probably heard by now about the $23,148,855,308,184,500 (23 quadrillion) charges that some people saw on their Visa balances recently. But here’s a thought that actually applies to you:

“Only Notice Large Glitches
Probably more offensive is that a glitch happened at all, large or small. It could have just as easily been $2.31 in which case he may have not noticed the overcharge and paid it. Charge several thousand people $2.31 too much and you can make an alright profit.”
– WebmasterNeal

“Things like this happen where I work with our AT&T bills all the time. We’re on the smaller end of businesses and have a little over 200 lines. At least a couple of times a year we find a number on our bill that isn’t one of our numbers. We contact AT&T, they act baffled, and then they credit us for the error. It’s so common that they barely even ask any questions when we dispute the charge. I have to imagine that there are numerous other businesses out there in the same situation, but they aren’t going through their bills and are subsiquently paying for services they aren’t even using. AT&T even has some BS verbage on their statements that says charges not disputed within 60 days can’t be disputed. So they can ream someone for years, and then if the company finds out, they can only recoup the last 60 days worth of over charges.”
– dave562

via Slashdot

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