Apple Warranty Lookup – AppleCare

This was harder to find than I expected:

Given a Mac’s serial number, you can look up its warranty info online there. It’ll also let you know if the computer’s covered by AppleCare.

It is an estimate, however. I’m not sure why it would happen, but some people report that it can be inaccurate. So don’t bet your life on it.

A 3.06GHz iMac is $1599 refurbished from Apple. Good deal?

I’m taking a look at other options on Craigslist and eBay. I figure that anything less than $1499 would be worthwhile — a $100 savings. It would need to be covered under AppleCare, though. I’ve had lots of problems with Mac hardware. (I’ve had to take our 20″ iMac in for repairs 3 times.)

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