Open source browser-based text editor

An Ajax-powered, browser-based text editor with syntax highlighting, speed and source code. And it’s installable at your own domain, in your own webspace.


I like web-based stuff. Nowadays it’s commonplace for people to run multiple browsers at once, just because they’re using so many different web apps simultaneously.

It’s this month’s Dreamhost Site of the Month:

Of course if September would just make _some_ kind of acknowledgement
that what he did was rude and wrong, along with a real heart-felt
apology, maybe *I* could see it in MY heart to forgive him. I mean, we
have been neighbors for like, FOREVER.

Anyway, THIS month’s (August’s) DreamHost Site of the Month winner is:

Which is actually a pretty won-won-wonderful piece of Ajax-iness.. it’s
an entirely browser-based text editor, with context highlighting, that
works really fast, is GPLed, and can be installed at your own domain
pretty easily! THAT’S the kind of DHSOTM we’ve been dreaming of!

is the place to submit YOUR awesome web-based web site.

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  1. blubby says:

    another very interesting browser based (latex) editor can be found at which allows the management and creation of latex projects and previews of generated .pdf files directly in the browser. No more need for Word & Co.

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