How to Separate the Touch Book Magnets

Today, I managed to separate the three magnets that come with the Touch Book. These are provided for the purpose of attaching the Touch Book to a fridge (or some other magnetic surface). I felt like I practically had to break my fingers off to get the magnets apart.

The trick to doing this successfully is described here:

I also recorded a bit of video with the Touch Book. If you’re interested in seeing it, just let me know by leaving a comment.

According to , this is the software included with the Touch Book:

  • Linux 2.6.29 with all the required drivers
  • Xfce 4.4 desktop environment
  • A unique 3D interface for starting applications with your finger
  • Firefox 3.0 and Fennec beta 2
  • Youtube and daily motion support
  • A video and music player
  • Abiword and Gnumeric
  • A PDF reader, evince
  • A chat manager, Pidgin
  • Mypaint 5.1
  • An e-book reader, Fbreader
  • A printer manager, Cups
  • All usual accessories (zip, picture viewer, dictionary…)
  • Support for most standard USB accessories
  • Java support

I intended to test all of these as much as I could, but unfortunately I wasn’t able to get the wireless working. Going to Control Panel -> Networks wouldn’t show any networks, and I don’t know any other way to do it. So if you have any tips regarding wireless connectivity, let me know.

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