iPhone in Vietnam

I met so many interesting people today that I’m not even sure where to begin.

There are the four panelists, plus a few other folks I met as well.

James Anthony, Inedible Software: I really resonate with his story. In many ways, sounds just like my own– including the success we’re both experiencing.

Ben, Fluther: didn’t really talk with him, but I’m familiar with Fluther, as Erik works there.

Bart, Tapulous: I will try to go visit their offices sometime during the week I’m here.

John Wolpert, Cabulous: during the discussion, he mentioned Pivotal Labs, a neat company with offices in SF and NYC (thanks Lawrence and Rob for the correction). He sent an email to introduce me to the guy who runs Pivotal – thanks John! Also, he’d already used my Whiteboard app, and he’s a fan. Very cool. He also mentioned a team called East Agile, which developed some of the analytics tools that he uses. Apparently, they are located in Vietnam.

Those folks in Vietnam are friends with a separate team in Vietnam, part of a company called Tech Propulsion Labs (TPL) run by Sebastian Hassinger. We will definitely be getting in touch; he’s planning to go to Vietnam in a couple months. Perhaps I can join him, or at least meet up there.

Greg, SplitP. Did the web views for iSpy. Moved to SF from the Los Angeles area about 6 months ago.

Charles, YummyMelon. He developed an iPhone app called Aqui (Spanish for “Here”). San Francisco native.

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  1. Hi Elliot,

    Just a point of clarification. While Pivotal Labs and East Agile have occasionally worked with the same clients, it seems you have mixed up the two firms. Pivotal does not have an operation in Vietnam. It is East Agile that has an operation in Vietnam and helped Cabulous with iPhone analytics.


    Lawrence Sinclair
    East Agile

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