Restaurant Feedback

If I were running a restaurant, I’d want to collect some basic statistics on how much my customers enjoyed their experience. In many businesses, if the customer isn’t happy, then the company doesn’t want the customer’s money. This is more true in the Internet Marketing world than anywhere else, because word travels fast on the Internet, and there’s a lot of competition, so sellers need to do something to differentiate themselves. It’s not uncommon to see 100% guarantees (or higher).

When I leave a restaurant, though, the restaurant really has no idea how satisfied I was, other than the amount of the tip I left. If the receipt had a simple checkbox to say “I enjoyed this meal and would come back again”, I think restaurants might have a better idea of how they’re viewed by their patrons. If the customer isn’t satisfied, the restaurant has lost some repeat business, unless they do something to get the opportunity to try again and do better.

They can offer something like a guarantee. Perhaps they can offer a $2 off coupon to unsatisfied customers, and $1 off to satisfied ones (so they’ll come back just to use the coupon). They should collect some feedback on the receipts, because they are left in the bill booklet anyway, and there’s already a pen there (for signing off for a credit card transaction) so there’s not much friction to implementing it.

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