Oc: Vietnamese Snails

Tonight I went to Quán ?c in District 4 for some snails. They are quite delicious. Here are some of the kinds we ate:

Oc móng tay – fingernail snail
Oc mo – snail with different skin
Oc huong – the most expensive snail

I rode on the back of a motorbike to get to the restaurant. It’s a great experience, much more fun than taking a taxi. I’m hoping electric cars are allowed on the road soon. I’m not brave enough to drive a motorbike myself, but I could definitely drive an electric car.

BTW, does anyone know why Vietnamese diacritics don’t work properly on my blog? They just show up as question marks (?). It’s probably due to the character encoding meta tag on my site. Anyone know what I should change it to? Is there a setting in WordPress?

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  1. Angie says:

    still can write VNese diacritics on your blog?

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