Apple Store in Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan

Yesterday (Friday), we went to LaQua in the evening. It’s a natural hot spring, using water from 1700 m underground. at Tokyo Dome City. It was good, but not as extensive as the onsen I went to the first time I came to Japan.

Today, I spent most of the day exploring Shibuya and doing some shopping. I went to the Apple Store in Shibuya and picked up a MacBook Air. They had exactly the configuration I wanted: 13″ with faster processor and more RAM, and a U.S. English keyboard. It was only about $40 more than buying it in the U.S., so I went for it. This allows me to get it a couple weeks earlier.

I’m not really sure why I bought it, considering that my 15″ MacBook Pro is better in every way except portability. But portability is important, especially since the sacrifices are minimal. It has a high-res display, long battery life, and two USB ports. What I miss: a second hard drive (for mass storage), an even higher-res display, and my stickers.

In the evening, I went to Make: Tokyo Meeting 06. One of the neat things I saw there was computers and electronics made out of fabric:

Fabric Apple Computers and Electronics

After MTM06, we (the Hackers on a Plane) met up to say “bye”. Fish and Guy went to have dinner at a sushi train restaurant, while the rest of us had Indian Curry.

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