In Việt Nam, I’m surprised every day

eye glasses = mắt kiếng

salary = (tiền) lương

ở Việt Nam luôn = stay in Vietnam forever ~= mãi mãi

Angie and I took a taxi from XCream Nguyá»…n Trãi back to our apartment. Since Angie is Vietnamese, when she told the taxi driver where to go, I assumed we’d get to the right place. Nope: we ended up at Co.opMart bờ kè, which is a nickname for Co.opMart Nhiêu Lá»™c. We’re actually nearly 4 km away from there, at Co.opMart Rạch Miá»…u. It was a fun adventure in which we got to see a different part of the city. Angie says she’s Vietnamese, but not Saigonese :)

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