Packing Lists

We put together our packing list for our upcoming Cambodia trip. I’ll try to put everything together tomorrow morning so that I don’t have to worry about rushing at the last minute.

Before going to Cambodia, I’ll be going to Vung Tau to spend a couple days with a friend and his family. Here’s what I’ll bring for that short trip:

  1. light rain jacket
  2. jacket with lots of pockets
  3. long sleeve shirt with pockets (worn)
  4. green long sleeve shirt
  5. cheap iPho shirt
  6. gray convertible pants
  7. tan convertible pants (worn)
  8. wallet (worn)
  9. vibram fivefingers
  10. 1 pair of socks
  11. sandals (worn)
  12. 2 boxer briefs (1 worn)
  13. swimsuit
  14. goggles
  15. orange towel
  16. earplugs
  17. pack of facial tissues
  18. wet wipes
  19. sunblock
  20. dental floss
  21. toothbrush, toothpaste
  22. iPhone (worn) and charger
  23. water bottle
  24. photocopy of Passport
  25. glasses (worn) plus spare
  26. insect repellent
  27. scarf

That’s it: just 27 items.

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