What I do while traveling

I’m a strange traveler. Here’s what other people do:

  • Go to tourist attractions
  • Go to bars, listen to loud music, drink alcohol
  • Eat strange and exotic foods
  • Watch TV
  • Smoke shisha and cigarettes

I don’t really like any of these things.

Here’s what I like to do instead:

  • Meet people to not just talk, but do something together (like Legos)
  • Visit hackerspaces and other community labs
  • Attend churches and other spiritual places
  • Walk around, sometimes at random
  • Learn stuff, like the local language
  • Work on my startup company, Greengar

To me, these things are fun.

Going to bars isn’t fun. Building something out of Legos is fun.

People often ask me, “Why are you traveling? Vacation?”

I’m not quite sure how to respond. Vacation, to me, means “no working” — but I’m doing just the opposite of that. I work even more when traveling. I always bring my computer with me so that I can work. When I’m not on my computer, I’m thinking about what work needs to be done. I’m always looking, analyzing, considering various opportunities and problems that I’m seeing in the world around me. Not a single moment is a “vacation.”

I never get bored. Hearing someone say, “I’m bored” is a little painful to me. Boredom means you have nothing to do. It means you can’t do anything. It means you’re not making progress, pushing forward, creating something.

I’m not referring to relaxing or taking a break. Those things are good; I probably need to relax more. But I want to be deliberate about it. There’s always more to be done in this world.

People who don’t have an understanding of economics think that automation and efficiency are bad. When someone’s job is replaced by a robot that cost less than the person’s compensation, we have a net gain in wealth. There is no lack of work to be done in this world. There is only a lack of people with the skills, abilities, character, and motivation necessary to do the work.

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  1. Angie says:

    Travel style is various. All depend on person’s characteristic :) I also do not like to go to bars with loud music unless my cool friends are around me :)
    What I’d like to do:
    – meet and talk to people and do outside activities
    – try do do/see new things which I have not done/seen before, such as volcanic mountains
    – learn a bit local language
    – take photograph
    – wander and observe local people
    – and tons of other things, lol
    There is no rule for my trips. Simply, I wanna be myself and have fun.
    You and I will have fun with our own way.
    Glad to be your travel partner :)
    p.s: people saying I’m Bored when they are traveling SUCK, or probably they are tourists, LOL.

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