Lamma Island, Hong Kong

The day before yesterday, I woke at about 9am. I had 3 leftover chicken wings from Ikea for breakfast, then went to my computer. I submitted my application for eligibility for a Hong Kong ID card, right before leaving with An to meet up with fellow CSers Al and Ni. We met at Central at about 11am, then walked out to Pier 4 to go to Lamma Island, a small island of 6,000 inhabitants just southwest of Hong Kong Island.

Lamma Island

Lamma Island. Photo by Angela

The turbulent ferry took about 30 minutes, at a cost of about HK$14.50. The ride back, which was about HK$17, was even more turbulent, with waves pushing the boat around. Many passengers stumbled about while we exited the ship. It was actually kind of cool, a bit of adventure during an overall risk-free outing.

Upon arriving on Lamma Island, we inspected the map to see where we should go. We walked from one side of the island to the other, taking different ferries each way. It was a nice trip, and I’d do it again — and the second time, I’ll take the loop route as well. (We didn’t have time for it this time.)

Sidenote: Counterfeit USB Flash Drives from China

Last night I learned that fake USB Flash Drives are rampant, and they sometimes even have authentic-looking packaging. While researching this, I came across someone’s story of how he hacked his EeePC to have an internal USB flash drive.

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