Church in Taichung

May 11 was my first full day in Taiwan. Today is May 15, my fifth full day in Taiwan.

It was Sunday, so I went to church with Aaron and Hsinya. It’s a good church. They give first-time visitors a plastic drink container. It’s a bit bulky, but it comes apart, leaving the thinner and lighter inner compartment. I kept that as a container for future snacks. I left the outer layer, but I somewhat regret that now, because I’m afraid they might find it offensive that I took off the church’s branding. I didn’t do it intentionally, but now I realize my action could be interpreted that way.

In the morning, I went to a tea shop and bakery where I bought a squid ink bun for 10 TWD, and a semi-sweet tea drink for 20 TWD. It was a total of 30 TWD, which I paid for with a 100 TWD bill. I got 70 TWD back in change. Time: 2011/05/15 @ 10:43:39.

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