National Palace Museum: 2nd Day in Taiwan

Yesterday was my 2nd full day in Taiwan.

Suresh and I wanted to go for a hike, but I woke up a bit late. We went out for breakfast and got an interesting taro bun with fried eggs. They cut some slices into the top of the bun, then place the fried eggs inside. The eggs are fried together with some green onions.

I picked up a bottle of “7-SELECT” water from 7-11 for 27 TWD. The receipt is dated 2011-05-12 09:02.

While Suresh went to his university to do his research, I went to the National Palace Museum, abbreviated NPM. I also got the audio guide, and listened along as I explored the exhibits. They have some pretty neat items, including rotating ceramics that have inner and outer pieces.

While at the museum, I made three credit card purchases of $5.59, $5.73, and $4.19. One was for the admission ticket itself; another was for postcards; and the other was for “lunch” (mashed tea).

I returned to Suresh’s at about 4 PM to pick up my stuff and take the train to Miaoli, where my friend Aaron lives with his grandpa. That’s where I am now. Miaoli is nice, but the sidewalks are surprisingly narrow, and often nonexistent. That means a typical walk through the city requires lots of walking on the street, with cars and motorbikes zooming by.

In the evening, I set up the Wi-Fi at Aaron’s. It was pretty complicated because the router is locked down. Fortunately, other (Chinese/Taiwanese) people have figured it out. Google Translate does a good-enough job of translating their pages. Here’s one, and here’s another. (These aren’t the translated versions, but I just plopped these links into Google Translate.)

Some key points:

  • URL:
  • Username: cht
  • Password: chtnvdsl
  • Other passwords exist for North, Central, and South Taiwan
  • Management-> Settings-> Backup-> Backup Settings, download, copy out the firmware parameters
  • 4-2. Using Notepad or a text editor to open, find <WlEnbl> 0 </ WlEnbl>, delete (if you want you can change 1, 0 false, 1, said ture)4-3. <WlEnblSsid> 0 </ WlEnblSsid> also deleted (if found more than one. … You try to look at it … I have removed the first one was successful)(10/13 Editor’s note: I only modify the first one, pay attention to the first four lines have <WlSsid> P874 </ WlSsid>, this is the SSID-wireless network identifier. Then there wl0_Guest1, wl0_Guest2, wl0_Guest3, TEST_2, TEST_3 , TEST_4, even some repeat (mac does not seem the same?), have no need to modify)
  • Go to Connection Setup-> Wireless LAN to set the Wi-Fi password

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