T-Mobile in Amsterdam

  • T-Mobile offers a pre-paid SIM card which is pre-perforated to be a Micro-SIM for iPhone 4. It costs 19.95 EUR and includes 2 GB of data until the end of the current month. Protip: Buy one near the beginning of the month (e.g. September 1st, not September 30th).
  • There’s an extensive tram system in the city. It costs 2.60 EUR for a single-use ticket, which you can buy directly on the tram. They accept EUR cash, but do NOT accept US credit cards. They DO provide change. Visitors can also buy an “Anonymous OV-Chipkaart” for 7.50 EUR, which costs MUCH cheaper on a per-trip basis. Protip: If you’re taking more than 3 trips in the city, buy an OV-Chipkaart as soon as you can. It’ll save you a ton of cash.
  • The most common type of card reader in Amsterdam is compatible with US credit cards. Some merchants don’t know that it’ll work, and don’t know that you have to swipe it. If you can quickly explain that to them, you might be able to use your credit card in places where the merchant doesn’t think you can. Of course, you’ll need to swipe the card– not insert it in the slot used by “chip” cards.

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