West Loop Roadtrip- Day 6

Up we awoke in our Sacramento motel, and after a quick breakfast, it was soon checkout time. After making a few phone calls, it appeared that it was not time for my personal reason to happen yet. Not a big problem, we simply hung out in the lobby, using the rest of our paid Wi-Fi; Elliot keeping himself occupied with his developing, and myself, listening to the audiobook “The Hunger Games”. I recently found that I preferred to listen to it at 2x speed, as it was more in pace with how I would normally read a book.

The hours passed, but it seems the time was still not right. Again, no big deal since we were both sufficiently occupied, when suddenly, a phone call interrupted Katniss Everdeen’s deadly encounter. Finally, it was time! My cousin, Kristin, whom for years we have only communicated via electronic devices, now stood before me. We quickly embraced hugs and greetings, then I introduced her to Elliot.

We quickly exchanged stories over pizza; we were getting along quite well and it felt exactly how it does when we were chatting or emailing, only, we couldn’t go AFK or BRB on each other :P
Afterwards, we went to see the movie, The Hunger Games, which worked out quite well since Elliot had read the entire book, I had listened to almost the entire book, and Kristin had had read the entire Wikipedia article. Other than omitting some characterization details, minor characters, and downplaying Katniss’ struggles, I would say the movie was faithful to the book, and overall, was quite good.

But alas, nothing gold can stay, so it was time to say our goodbyes as we headed out to our next destination, but not without taking a few pictures in the scenic parking lot of our cheap motel.

That was it…and we were off to Mountain View, to visit Elliot’s old playground, Hacker Dojo.

Hacker Dojo is a HackerSpace, which is similar to a MakerSpace, but with a software emphasis, rather than hardware. It was great to meet new people and listen to their ideas and hobbies. They even offered us free ice cream pie…I like it here already!

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