West Loop Roadtrip – Day 5

Since today wasn’t nearly as windy as yesterday, we decided to take a guided tour of Reno…on Segways! Yup, no walking hundreds of blocks or sitting in a crowded, stinky bus; we were traveling in hipster fashion.

Since it’s off peak season for Reno, Elliot and I were the only ones on the tour…we were the first tour of the season in fact. After a brief training session, our guide brought us around the city, telling us about how Nevada attracted people to live here…by making all of the socially unacceptable pastimes legal. He also showed us the cool places to hangout, and all of the events that take place during the summer.

Since Reno is relatively empty during this time, we had more leeway to have some fun on our personal transportation devices…

As much fun as we had, it was time to head off to our next destination, Sacramento. As we were heading there, we decided to stop at Donner Pass State Memorial along the way. The very same Donner Party that was trapped by an unforgiving winter, and had to eat their leather…and then eventually each other.

Anyway, it was very nostalgic to be back in California, where it is kosher to pass on the right and where I’m not the only aggressive driver…of course, this means that there are likewise similarly aggressive police, so I didn’t do anything too crazy.

Now, you’re probably wondering why I’d want to stop in Sacramento, since everyone keeps telling me that there isn’t anything to do here. Well, I have very personal reason, which I’ll get to tomorrow. :)

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