Dalian Trip – Post 6

Interesting couple of nights I’ve had.

Tonight, we spontaneously decided to go to a Korean restaurant, which I’ve never been. The restaurant had recently been remodeled, and it certainly looked very contemporary Asian, a stark contrast to the small mom-and-pop apartment restaurants I’m used to.

What made this trip special was that I had the opportunity to dine on an exotic dish that I otherwise wouldn’t easily be able to elsewhere.
Looks good, and tasted similar to pork. I would say it actually tasted better than the pork dish we also ordered.


And the night before, I attended the Graduation Ceremony in honor for two students I didn’t know. They were mutual friends of my coworkers, and since I had nothing else to do that night, I tagged along.

I was expecting a boring sit-down, watching all of the students get their fake diplomas. To my surprise, this evening ceremony wasn’t a ceremony at all, it was a concert.
Apparently, it’s typical for universities to hold these types of celebrations a day before the actual ceremony. Montages of students and student life flashed on the stage screen. After the MC’s made their openings, came the performances. These mini shows consisted of various singers and dancers of many genres, such as dance crew and waltz, and pop and R&B, both American and Chinese. One guy even sang Eminem’s “Slim Shady”, curse words and all. If only our graduations were this cool in the US…actually wait, then it means another event to attend before you get your diploma, meh, I personally don’t mind missing out.
Afterwards, I met our mutual friends. They were very friendly, and one of them, being from Guangxi, could even shoot some 广东话 with me. I wished them congratulations and good luck for the jobs for which they would leave Dalian soon.

Sigh, meeting these guys finishing school and going off to their first job, it makes me feel old. I remember when I graduated college…I was unemployed for 5 months ='(

Oh yes, you’ve probably guessed what kind of dish I ate by now. If you’re curious to see if you were right, scroll down. If you’re not curious, stop reading right now.





No really, if you don’t want to know, don’t read it.








Seriously, ignorance is bliss.







Don’t say I didn’t warn you!







We ordered the stir-fried variety…
It was the first time for all of us. Considering that Sam hadn’t eaten this in the three years he’s lived here, this is a historic moment! Just look at the joy in his face as he sinks his pearly-whites into the well-marbled flesh.

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  1. Roxy Lui says:

    Yikes!!! How can you eat one of my fellow canines (for those who don’t know me, I’m a chihuahua mix). woof woof to you!!

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