Dalian Trip – Post 9

So ends my last weekend here in Dalian for this trip. Just as I suspected, the time seemed to pass by quickly over here, but I’m very grateful that I was given the opportunity to make the last few days a great experience.

On Thursday, Liferay held a long overdue Game Night, where we ate a healthy KFC dinner and played card games together.
It was fun spending time together not doing work, and it had been such a long time since I have played UNO.
I also got to play a game new to me, Saboteur. It’s a game of subtleness and depection; one of my coworkers was so deceptive, that she even tricked herself into thinking she was on the other team!

On Friday, I said my farewells to my coworker Lulu, since she will be out of town on a business trip the following week, meaning this would be my last time seeing her on this trip. Thanks for the hula lessons!

Over the weekend, I visited a place known as Russian Street. As a short history lesson, Russia used to control the city of Dalian, where they named it, Port Arthur. During World War II, Japan conquered the city, and shortly after, it returned to Chinese control.

As you can see however, there are remnants of Russian influence, namely the architecture and souvenirs.
Ironically, very few Russians actually come here.

Last but not least, I visited Roosevelt Square again, but I thought it was my first time because I was very disoriented during my actual first visit here. I wouldn’t say that there’s anything special about Roosevelt Square; it’s basically a shopping center like the many others in Dalian.
Anyway, I closely observed the clothing styles at the malls, and even after a month, I still don’t understand Chinese style. They seem to favor disjointed patterned shirts, screen-T’s with bizarre abstract images, and poorly translated and/or nonsensical English.
They do have some good stuff, but the cost is comparable to the US, or even more expensive. =( But hey, trying it on is free =)
Afterwards, I was guided to a hipster indoor Japanese stand that serves takoyaki.
I’ve had better, but for 15RMB, it’s not bad! The cheese takiyoki was certainly new. And be careful of the spicy mustard bottle, I while trying to smell it, I blew some of the scent into my eye – it stings!

One last thing that saw here that I don’t think I’ll ever see in the US
Hello Health Department, I’d like to register a complaint…

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  1. Roxy Lui says:

    Chris, glad you had a great experience in China! Enjoyed reading your blogs. Let’s see where God leads you to your next adventure.

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