Stop MusicNowPlaylist

If you’re getting IMs from MusicNowPlaylist and can’t block the bot, say “menu”, “1”, then “cancel”.

An Exercise in PHP

I decided to take a few minutes to stylize the list of the top 503 MP3s hosted on MP3 Shack. I’m going back to college in about an hour, I suspect. It has been a fun break, but it is now coming to an end.

Starting to listen to music

I don’t listen to much music, but when you’re on USC’s ResNet (residential network) and using iTunes to just browse around other people’s Shared Music, it’s hard to resist trying it out. Good Life I’ve watched my dreams all fade away And blister in the sun Everything I’ve ever had is unraveled and undone I’ve…Continue Reading…

Advanced Remote: Sony Ericsson T610

from fma user experience I find this description to be simply amazing. I have yet to see this in person. Unfortunately, my new phone does not have bluetooth. However, it is SE, so maybe the remote function would work. I’ll try someday. Sony Ericsson T610 (unlisted feature) You can control the PC from the phone….Continue Reading…

Intel Stinks, Again

First, from Slashdot In AMD’s recient anti-trust lawsuit AMD have examined the Intel compiler and found that it deliberatly runs code slower when it detects that the processor is an AMD. “To achieve this, Intel designed the compiler to compile code along several alternate code paths. … By design, the code paths were not created…Continue Reading…

Geek Profile

Your Geek Profile: Gamer Geekiness: High Geekiness in Love: High Internet Geekiness: High Movie Geekiness: High Academic Geekiness: Moderate Fashion Geekiness: Moderate General Geekiness: Moderate Music Geekiness: None SciFi Geekiness: None How Geeky Are You?